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Meet the Packs

Meet the Canine Pack

In addition to the trainees you will also see our own dogs, their offspring and the occasional rescue pups. Our adults are a well trained stable pack, so they help us rehabilitate dogs with behavioral issues, and also lead by example for our new arrivals. Some of our puppies stay to complete our companion dog training program, and those are the dogs you see available as our trained pups. You rest assured that there will always be a fun group of dogs of all different ages and breeds to help us with the playtime, here at the Academy!

Meet our Furry and Feathery Friends

To help us with the training and for pure pleasure we also own cats, both indoor and outdoor. Many of them love people and will come greet any visitors and climb the fence to hang out with us and the dogs. They are the ones that make it possible for us to rehabilitate dogs with cat aggression.

Since we (and the dogs) love to eat eggs we also have chickens. They also help us with natural pest control and provide another type of distraction for the pups, to help us teach them how to curb their prey drive.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I can not put into words the blessing Dog Academy of NC,has been to our family. Sandra Losa-Ward and Michael Ward run an outstanding dog training and boarding school...... Clean Quite and Loving and room for them to run......it is a family run facility. Michael has worked hard to change my dogs bad attitude he is dog aggressive by nature of his breed. Michael is the Dog Whisper of NC he is that good!