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Meet the Packs

The Canine Pack

In addition to our guest and rescue dogs, we own a well-balanced pack of 5 dogs.


  1. Teufel, aka Tobi vom Robinienhain, a black and gold male German Shepherd who was imported from Germany when he was a puppy and does well in confirmation shows.
  2. Suende, our female Doberman and Michael’s first dog in the training program he attended. She is great in agility and very happy to play all day.
  3. Kaira, our female Boxer and oldest dog. We had her a long time before opening our training facility and she is our most loyal and at this point, most laid back dog.
  4. Utopia vom Harztor, a sable German Shepherd who also came from Germany as a puppy and she is from a working bloodline and trained as a narcotics search dog.
  5. Killa, our female Pomeranian. She honors her name and can definitely hold her own among the big dogs. She is our alarm and knows when people are coming long before they come down our driveway.


The Feline Pack


To help us with the training and for pure pleasure we also own 6 cats. All of our cats are very friendly with both, people and dogs, and like hanging out with the canine pack and will even climb the fence to be with us and the dogs. They are Bugsy (calico female), Scarface (cross eyed Siamese mix male), Indy (gray and white), QP (solid black), Jewel (gray tabby) and Irie (tabby). They are the ones that make it possible for us to rehabilitate dogs with cat aggression.


The Poultry Pack (Flock)

In addition to all the dogs and cats we figured some fresh eggs would be great and so we added 5 hens and a rooster, as well as 2 Guineas for flea and tick control.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I can not put into words the blessing Dog Academy of NC,has been to our family. Sandra Losa-Ward and Michael Ward run an outstanding dog training and boarding school...... Clean Quite and Loving and room for them to run......it is a family run facility. Michael has worked hard to change my dogs bad attitude he is dog aggressive by nature of his breed. Michael is the Dog Whisper of NC he is that good!