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Training Programs

We can work on basic/advanced obedience, solve problem behaviors including aggression, and work on puppy manners and crate training in our different programs. We offer free evaluations so that we can all meet and discuss the best program for you and your pup. We have a lot of experience working with rescues and offer discounts for rescue dogs, as well as our

Boarding School:

In this unique two-week program, Michael works one-on-one with your dog daily to teach basic obedience (sit, down, stay, walking in heel position, recall on and off lead), and correct any problem behaviors (this can include anything from aggression in older dogs, to crate training puppies, mouthing, jumping, etc.). While your pup is here, you and your family are invited to come out for training lessons so you can learn along the way and understand how to take over Michael’s leadership position once your dog comes home. Some of these lessons will also take place off-site at coffeshops, etc. to practice manners in public. During their stay here the dogs will also be socialized with other dogs and exercised on a daily basis.  At the end of the training your dog will receive a bath and Michael will take him home for graduation to do a private session in your home.

Day School:

In this special three-week program, you drop off and pick up your dog every  day, Monday through Friday, for three weeks. During the school day, Michael will work one-on-one with your dog, teaching basic obedience (sit, down, stay, walking in heel position, recall on and off lead) and solving some simple problems (like jumping, pulling, mouthing, etc.). At pick up every day you will receive a quick summary of the day and Michael will go over with you what he worked on that day and assign “homework” and check in on the progress from the previous night the next day. This program does not include the take home at graduation.

Private Lessons:

In this package of 6 weekly 1 hour lessons, Michael will work with you and your dog(s) on anything that you have issues with, including basic obedience, basic manners, behavior modification, and problem solving. You will get the tools and knowledge you need to maintain and advance the training. These sessions can be held at any location you choose within a 20 mile radius.

Special Services that can be added to any training package:

Training your dog to walk on a treadmill

Teaching a retrieve

Starting in some basic agility training

Pick up service for boarding school

Taking your dog to any necessary appointments during their stay here

Once you become a part of our “family” there are additional services that will become available to you, like boarding and daycare

Trained Dogs/Puppies         

In addition to offering training for your existing dog, we also have the option for you to adopt an already trained dog from us. These pups are the offspring of our personal dogs, so we can attest to the temperament and health of the parents. The puppies are born and raised here, so we can assure they have the best start in life and are set up for success in their future training. They complete our companion dog training program and all vet work before going home.

What Our Clients Are Saying

I was ready to take our dalmation back to the rescue we got her from, then we met Michael. He has been working with her for a few days and now I can't wait to bring her home again. Thanks for the unbelievable dog training.